About Me

Religion and Spirituality

I’m an eclectic Pagan whose practice is mostly a mashup of Heathenry, Hinduism and Pop-culture Paganism. I frequently borrow terms from the Hindu tradition, but i’ll make an effort to explain any concepts that aren’t commonly used in the Pagan community. If i forget to explain something, or if anything else isn’t clear, please feel free to post a comment and ask—odds are you’re not the only person i’ve managed to confuse!

Culture and Politics

Religion and spirituality are inherently political; being able to pretend that they’re separate is a position of privilege, and I believe that privilege needs to be named and acknowledged. It’s especially necessary to acknowledge our own, which I will try my best to do.

Goals for This Blog

My aim is for this blog to be a safe space for dialog and growth. But because the paradox of tolerance is A Thing, that means there’s some shit that isn’t gonna fly here.

I myself am a Lokean, so it should go without saying that Loki-hating isn’t gonna work in this space; but just in case, now I’ve explicitly said it. Here’s a short, representative list of things that will and will not fly here:


  • Loki
  • Pop-culture Paganism
  • UPG (or ‘unverified personal gnosis’)
  • Feminism
  • Anti-racism
  • LGBTQ-affirming spirituality
  • Intersectionality
  • Building a community that welcomes and affirms the experiences of BIPOC members—to include owning up to and making amends for our racism


  • Loki-hate
  • Viking Dudebro-brand Heathenry
  • Folkishness
  • Racism (again, for emphasis)
  • Misogyny and toxic masculinity (or what the APA has labelled ‘masculinity ideology‘)
  • Queerphobia
  • Transphobia (yes, this includes TERFs)
  • Ableism
  • Cultural appropriation

Summary: I am the socialist feminist witch that Fox News and the Daily Mail warned you about (Don’t like it, get your own blog; they’re free).

But I’m also a privileged cis, white, bisexual woman. This means there have been times when I’ve spectacularly failed to walk my talk, and am bound to do so again. And when I fail, you dear reader are enthusiastically encouraged to call me on my shit: call me in, call me out, whatever suits your comfort level. Hurt my feelings, even. Odds are I’ll live, and whatever doesn’t kill me only further vexes the haters. So keep on keepin’ on.

~Magpie Mason


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